Designed by: JA!

Noodz produces oral care products and will soon launch their chewable toothpaste. The company is run by two brothers (a dentist and a pharmacist).

Noodz's website looks very modern and has a brutalist feel. This is achieved, among other things, by the use of color. Bright green is matched with dark green, pink and purple.

These colors are reflected in the colorful illustrations, which are provided with subtle animations. The tablets that have been placed over the website seem to float. In addition to these illustrations, photographs are also used. These photos show people using the product and give the website a personal touch.

The typography also has a modern look. A futuristic looking font is combined with a sans serif font. Sometimes text is outlined. The text is used in various sizes to indicate the hierarchy.

Details, such as the animated tickers and the text that flows across the screen, complete the picture.

website-noodz-typografie noodz-illustraties