Craft CMS

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Craft CMS is a content management system where the content takes up a central position. With Craft it is easy to build a website around this content yourself instead of adapting an existing system to your own situation.

The Craft CMS website has a minimalist, sleek look. This is achieved, among other things, by the use of color.

A lot of white is combined with black, red and blue. Where red is mainly used in the logo, blue (in a gradient) is mainly used as a call-to-action. Black is used for the text. Light blue is used as the background color to separate the different sections.

The typography is also perfectly fine. A classic typeface with serif is mainly used in the titles, where a sans-serif variant is used for the longer pieces of text.

Minimalist icons and colorful screenshots brighten up the whole thing. Plenty of white space and subtle animations are the finishing touches.

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