Jouw Entrée

Unknown designer

With Jouw Entrée you get a discount on concerts. Members can bring guests with them and will be the first to hear who will be performing in The Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

The website of Jouw Entrée immediately stands out because of the use of color. Bright pink is used on a bright yellow background. Turquoise, dark blue and purple are also part of the color palette. These bright colors immediately give the website an 80s feel.

In addition to the colors, the oblique lines are also immediately noticeable. These lines and triangles give the website a dynamic look.

Furthermore, the website looks quite minimalist, if you look beyond the busy color palette. Few elements are used, except for the number of photos.

The typography consists of two fonts. Mainly used for the titles, Raisonné is a sleek sans-serif and is combined with Aperçu, a sans-serif typeface. These two fonts are applied in different sizes and colors to indicate hierarchy. What is striking about the homepage is that a lot of text is centered in the middle. This gives the website a symmetrical look.

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