The Middle Finger Project

Unknown designer

The Middle Finger Project is a blog about following your passions and doing business online. In addition to blogs, Ash Ambirge writes books and gives workshops.

The website of The Middle Finger Project immediately stands out because of the use of color. Black and white are combined with a bright fuchsia. Gray is also used here and there.

The photo of Ash immediately stands out on the homepage. This photo fits seamlessly with the rest of the website, due to the use of color. The purple is also used as the color of the lipstick. Hand-drawn illustrations are also visible in the photo, which can be found further down on the website.

The typography is all right. A geometric sans serif typeface (Poppins) is used in various sizes to indicate hierarchy. By sometimes making words purple or adding an emoji, the headings look extra fun.

The Middle Finger Project - Illustraties The Middle Finger Project book