Unknown designer

Asana helps teams to work more efficiently. Asana's tools make it easy to manage work, tasks and projects.

The Asana website has an incredibly minimalist look and feel. Firstly, this is due to the use of colors, on the homepage is almost no color visible except for the logo.

The layout is also very minimalist. The header is divided into two rectangles. An image has been placed in the right-hand panel, and mainly text is visible in the other block.

Fortunately, a bit more color can be seen further down, in the form of screenshots and illustrations that show the products well. These images flow into each other with an impressive animation.

The typography is also very minimalistic but also effective. Only one font (Gordita) is used. The size of the letters does vary enough to create a clear hierarchy. Capitals are also used for subheadings for extra variation.

Asana shows that a good website does not require much (color) at all.