Designed by: Rasmus Nielsen

Rubberduck is an online platform that freelancers and other professionals can use to connect with like minded people. The name comes from solving a problem by explaining it to someone else (also called rubber ducking).

The website is a one page website and consists of a single landing page. Like a real landing page, the website is built around a single call-to-action. In this case, the visitor is asked to register. Only one input field (the email address) is offered here, which should help with the conversion.

The site is divided into different sections, each with its own background color. An animated gradient can be seen in the header, in which soft variants of the colors orange, purple and pink have been used. These colors are reflected in the rest of the website. Dark purple is also used as the background color of a section.

3D illustrations can be seen throughout the website. These illustrations also use the same soft color palette. The shadows and the illusion of 3D give the website extra depth.