Unknown designer

Polestar is a car manufacturer that started as the sports department of the car brand Volvo. The brand now focuses mainly on developing electric sports cars.

The Polestar website makes a minimalist impression. This is primarily due to the color palette. Only white, black and gray are used on the website. A splash of orange is used as an accent color.

Large photography show the car models well, and due to the large amount of white space, the images contribute to the minimalist appearance of the website.

The font, called Unica77, is used in all communication of Polestar and is therefore also available on the website. The sans serif font has a timeless appearance and is very similar to Helvetica.

The asymmetrical grid makes the whole thing more interesting, for example by placing a paragraph of text next to the title instead of above it.

All in all, the Polestar website is a wonderful example of a minimalist website, without frills.