Fairtrade Original

Unknown designer

Fairtrade Original develops and sells non-profit food products with the aim of a fair price for the producers. The brand is mainly focused on world cuisine and organic products.

The focus on food is immediately visible on the website. For decoration colorful photos of ingredients have been incorporated into the design. Star anise and a red pepper can be seen directly on the homepage. The illustrations that consist of organic shapes are also immediately noticeable. These are patterned, which only enhances the organic feeling.

The photos of the articles appear to have torn edges. These images are also skewed, adding to the natural look.

Fortunately, lots of white space and modern typography make the website easy to read. A playful font is combined with a sans serif variant. The red, which comes from the visual identity of Fairtrade Original, forms a pleasant contrast to the black text.

Details, such as the animations where the website is loaded and the animated buttons, complete the website.