De Bijenkorf 150 jaar

Designed by: Dept

De Bijenkorf (beehive) is a luxury department store chain with branches in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and other large cities in the Netherlands. Due to the department store's 150th anniversary, this website has been designed. On the website you can read more about the history of De Bijenkorf and the impact it had, and has, on the Dutch society.

The website uses the colors gold, gray and black and white. The animations drawn with outlines immediately catch the eye. Because they are animated the illustrations stand out even more.

Behind the illustrations the period is displayed in large lettering. On the subpages a sub menu allows the visitor to navigate through the different time periods with ease.

Typography is given the leading role on the subpages. A classic font is used. Hierarchy is indicated by text size and color. Blocks of text, photos and videos slide into the screen with animations. These blocks are aligned in an asymmetrical grid, which gives the website a playful, modern look.

Typografie op website Bijenkorf