Loer Architecten

Designed by: Julie Bonnemoy

Loer Architecten is an architectural firm based in Rotterdam. Loer Architecten designs future-proof homes, offices and public buildings.

The website makes a minimalist impression at a first glance. This is due to the intro screen, which only consists of the logo and two colored dividers. These areas slide away with an animation, so that a full-screen video appears.

The colors used in the intro screen, soft yellow, beige and black, are used throughout the website. White completes the color palette.

Colorful photos of the buildings that the agency designed brighten up the picture further. These photos are placed in an asymmetrical grid. Some photos are animated and take up half of the screen, just like the areas in the intro screen.

The typography contributes to the minimalist appearance of the website. Only one font is used, but in various weights and sizes. The font is also sometimes shown with an outline.

Subtle details, such as the animations and the custom cursor, complete the picture.