Nathan Taylor

Designed by: Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor is a designer and developer from Australia and currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.

His website is a textbook example of a brutalist website; the website uses a color palette of colors that seem to be randomly put together (purple, red, green and yellow), various elements are animated, especially on hover, and typography takes an important role.

Different fonts are used which in turn have different sizes and colors. Some words are even outlined, increasing the number of different text styles.

The website consists of a single page. Pop-ups do appear across the website, for example, where you can read more information about the designer. Other blocks only contain animations, mini games or animated text. Through these different blocks, the visitor is invited to browse the entire website.

No matter how chaotic the website looks at a first glance, it is clear that the website has been well thought out. Somehow the colors complement each other and the blocks, no matter how different, match well.