Unknown designer

Dopper makes reusable drinking bottles that can replace plastic bottles. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of plastic waste that now ends up in the ocean.

The entire Dopper website is designed around this story. On the homepage you can see a full-screen video with images of animals that live in the sea.

Below this video, illustrations and numbers explain how Dopper has already contributed to cleaner oceans. These illustrations are set in the branding colors light blue, dark blue and light yellow.

These colors appear throughout the website, which ensures a uniform appearance. The typography also contributes to this. One font has been used throughout the entire website. It is displayed in different sizes, weights and colors, creating a clear hierarchy.

The content of the website is divided into blocks with different background colors, creating clear dividers. Occasionally, these dividers consists of a zig-zag pattern for extra variation. Rectangular blocks that are partly overlapped in an asymmetric grid are also used.

Small details, such as subtle animations when loading the page, and hover effects complete the website.

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