Vedder & Vedder

Designed by: Tickles Digital Agency

Vedder & Vedder sells personalized jewelry, such as necklaces, rings and bracelets. These can be provided with engravings of names or, for example, a fingerprint.

The website of Vedder & Vedder has a modern font. This is partly due to the large, colorful photos that show the products well. In addition to product photos, images are also used as decoration.

The color palette, consisting of light pink and black and white, contributes to the contemporary feel. The light pink is used sparingly, as an accent color, and does not dominate.

The typography perfectly adds to the minimalistic look. Different fonts are used, including a thicker display font for titles, and a thinner for running text. Occasionally a handwritten font is used, which reinforces the handmade image of the jewelry.

The website is divided into different blocks and placed in a grid. Some elements intentionally break out of this grid, which gives this beauty website an interesting appearance.

Beauty Website Typography Beauty Website Grid Layout