Unknown designer

Fideo is a video marketing agency based in Zwolle (the Netherlands). In addition to producing videos, the agency also creates video strategies and helps with uploading and sharing them.

At the center of the homepage is a screen-filling video that uses large letters and the corporate identity colors of Fideo. This makes the video fit seamlessly with the website.

The colors red, blue, yellow and white that can be seen in the video are also reflected in the website. Different areas in blue and red divide the website into a grid. Yellow is mainly used as an accent color, for example in the buttons or underlining of the links.

Large bold caps in capital letters (font: Montserrat) are combined with thin letters (Proxima Nova). There is a nice contrast in size and thickness between these two fonts.

Subtle details, such as the thumnails that play short videos or the animated underlines, complete the picture.