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Lacoste is a French clothing company, co-founded by the tennis player René Lacoste. The company designs and sells clothing, shoes and accessories. The logo features a green crocodile, a reference to René's nickname (le crocodil).

The Lacoste website has a very minimalist design. Colors used are white, black and gray. The only other colors are from the product photos, and the green crocodile in the logo.

The products are positioned in a grid, which makes browsing easier. Blocks of different are shown on the homepage, which gives the layout a welcome change.

A bit more at the bottom of the website is a block reserved for inspiration, showing how the famous polo shirts of the brand can be worn in different ways. This block has a dark gray background which contrasts well with the rest of the website. A large Lacoste logo that has been incorporated into the background gives the block a finishing touch.