Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Designed by: Watson Design Group

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the newest film from the director Quentin Tarantino. The film is about a television actor and his stunt double trying to make it in Hollywood in 1969.

The website is designed like a mag. The animations when scrolling look like flipping pages through a magazine. The used colors and retro fonts seem to come straight from the 60s.

A thick, round font is used as the title, in a gigantic size (700 pixels!). A classic serif font is used and a sleek modern font, in various widths.

The different 'pages' use different color palettes, orange-red and light gray are combined on the homepage. The table of contents uses pink with pitch black and further down bright orange is matched with gray. Combining different fonts and colors doesn't always work out, but dividing the website into different sections works surprisingly well.

The website also uses large, colorful photos from the movie that are placed in an asymmetrical grid and regularly break out of it.

The magazine even features advertisements. These retro ads are completely designed in the style of the 60s. This makes the Once Upon a Time In Hollywood website a wonderful example of a modern website with old-school influences.