The Edwin Group

Designed by: Likely Story

The Edwin Group is a collective of companies working in education in the United Kingdom. The Edwin Group was founded in 2008 and is based in Newcastle.

The Edwin Group website has a modern appearance. This is partly due to the typography, an asymmetric grid and slick animations.

The use of color also contributes to the modern look of the website. We see a lot of white with black text on it. Orange and turquoise are used as accent colors. These two colors add the necessary color to the website.

The typography uses two fonts. A serif font (Teodor) combined with a sans serif variant (Haffer). By varying the text size considerably, an interesting image and a clear hierarchy are created. Without exception, the text is black, which, on the white background, is very pleasant to read.

The shapes, which we also see in the logo, are used throughout the website. The circles and squares are used to frame photos and other elements.

Plenty of white space and colorful pictures complete the website.

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