Good Work

Unknown designer

Good Work is a web agency that mainly focuses on Craft CMS websites. The company is located in Abilene, Texas (USA).

The Good Work website impresses with its minimalistic and sleek look. This is achieved by a retro color palette and handmade illustrations.

The website uses orange, dark and light blue, combined with gray and a lot of white. The illustration on the homepage also uses brown and yellow. The camping theme gives the whole website a cozy look.

This illustration style has been used consistently throughout the website and really brightens it up. The illustrations use lines in different thicknesses, which seem to have been made with a brush. The subtle shadows give the illustrations extra depth.

We also see blocks with different background colors on the website. These give the website a little more color and frame the different sections.

The typography uses two different typefaces, a classic serif font (Lyon) combined with a sans serif font (Graphik).

The Good Work website shows that an impressive website doesn't need a lot.

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