Designed by: De Webcirkel

Net4kids helps companies with corporate social responsibility and matches companies to charities. Net4kids mainly focuses on children and helps them with sustainable projects in the field of education and healthcare.

The Net4kids website makes a cheerful impression. This is partly due to the use of color. Many colors are used on the website. We see yellow, green, blue, purple and orange. These are used in combination with neutral white and black.

These last two colors are mainly used for the text: black text on a white background. The typography consists of one bold font (Termina) that is combined with a narrower font (Paralucent). The bold headings provide a clear contrast.

The other colors are mainly reflected in colorful stickers, which show the slogan and logo of the organization.

The colors also come back in rectangular blocks of different sizes. These colorful blocks contribute to the cheerful look of the website.

Photos of happy children, often placed on colored backgrounds, makes the website even more personal.

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