Simple Analytics

Designed by: Leif Michelsen

Simple Analytics is an analytics tool that collects information about website visitors, putting privacy first. Simple Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics. Because it is a Dutch company, the data is stored in Europe and it complies with strict GDPR regulations.

The Simple Analytics website stands out for its minimalistic look and effective branding. This is achieved, among other things, by the color palette. Light blue is combined with turquoise, petrol and coral red. The red is mainly used as a call-to-action color and stands out well on the light background. Petrol is used as the text color.

The typography contributes to the minimalist look. A modern font (Space Grotesk) is used in different sizes and thicknesses and indicates the hierarchy.

Minimalistic icons are also used on the website, which contribute to the techy look of the website. The graphics, in the form of abstract, skewed lines, add movement to the website.

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