Resident Advisor

Unknown designer

Resident Advisor (shortened to RA) is a platform for electronic music lovers. Artists and events can be found on the website and the website also publishes a magazine.

The website makes a modern first impression. This is partly due to the modern typography and the white space.

This is enhanced by the use of color. We see a lot of white that is combined with black with some coral red. We also see some gray, which is mainly used as the text color, in addition to the black and white.

The typography also looks modern. We see a narrow and tall font (ATF Alternate Gothic) that is combined with the simple but effective Helvetica. This font combination looks minimalist, partly due to the simple geometric shapes that make up the letters.

Colorful photos, including album covers and festival posters, add some color to the website. These all look great on the dark gray or white background. A lot of white space does the rest. The RA website shows perfectly that not much is needed for a good website.

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