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MongoDB is a database model that allows developers to easily build a website or application. Headquartered in New York, MongoDB also operates in Europe and Asia.

The MongoDB website immediately stands out for its use of colorful illustrations. These illustrations are made up of simple geometric shapes.

The bright colors used in the illustrations are reflected in icons and buttons, which ensures that the website appears as one whole. The bright green, green-yellow and blue contrast well with the dark green, white and black that is used further on the website. We also see a light shade of purple as the background color.

These bright colors work well as a contrast to the black and white text. A classic serif font is combined with a clean sans serif type. We also see dark gray text here and there, which reads slightly more pleasantly on the white background. With different sizes and thicknesses, the hierarchy is well indicated.

There are so many different titles, captions and paragraphs of text that it sometimes looks too busy. The bright colors in the illustrations contribute to this.

Fortunately, MongoDB's website uses plenty of white space.

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