Designed by: Pieter van Est

Lumicast is a platform that makes it easy to create and display content. Advertising campaigns, emergency messages and data from social media can be broadcast.

The website stands out because of the use of color. Dark blue, purple and pink are used together in a gradient. We also see a lot of white and light gray on the website. The white color is used in the dark header as the text color, but elsewhere we see white used as the background color, with black text.

The typography looks great. We see an extremely bold font (Gilroy) combined with a sans serif font (Inter). There is more than enough contrast between these two fonts, which ensures that the whole reads well. In addition to size, color is also used for extra contrast.

What stands out on the website is the use of rounded shapes. All images have rounded corners, and the call-to-action buttons in the navigation bar are also rounded. These round shapes give the website a friendly look.

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