Unknown designer

ODB (ON A DAILY BASIS) is an agency from Amsterdam. The agency specializes in branding, content and campaigns and has worked for Red Bull, ID&T and Spinnin' Records.

The ODB website has a brutalist feel. For example, many animated elements stand out; at the top, a marquee shows which projects the company is working on and we see an animated circle with text.

The typography also uses elements of brutalism. We see a narrow, tall font combined with a rounder variant of the same family (Sharp Grotesk).

In the header we see that the text is still bright red, lower on the website mainly black is used for the text. And these are immediately all three colors that are used. The bright red and pitch black provide a high contrast to the white background.

All in all the website of ODB is easy to use and has a lot of character due to the typography and used colors.