Het Spoorwegmuseum

Designed by: Kaliber

Het Spoorwegmuseum (The Railway Museum) is a museum based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, that showcases trains, a station, a theatre, exhibitions and other attractions.

The website of Het Spoorwegmuseum is immediately noticeable because of the squares in which the website is divided and the use of color. The rectangles and squares are accentuated by the round logo mark, which represent rails. Plenty of white space makes the content easy to read.

The use of color is also striking. Bright green is combined with lots of beige and a colorful collection of other colours. We see white and black, pink, some turquoise, yellow and dark green. These light colors give the website a modern look.

The typography is also modern. A round font (Poppins) is used in different thicknesses, sizes and colors, thus clearly indicating hierarchy. We also occasionally see another (Anton) on the website.

Many photos are also used on the website. The colorful photography adds extra color to the website. These are often placed in a rectangle or square, but occasionally we also see rounded corners, such as in the logo. This contributes to the branding of the railway museum.

Animations, such as the scrolling (old) logo and the parallax effect complete the website.

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