Unknown designer

Lendahand is a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs in third world countries. These entrepreneurs cannot get traditional loans from the bank, but they can get a microcredit through this platform.

Lendahand's website immediately catches the eye because of the colorful photo that has been placed life-size on the homepage. The portrait photo makes extra impact because of the white space that is used around the image.

The gray color that is used in the header is used more often on the website. A lot of white, turquoise and light pink complete the color palette. The color palette contributes to the minimalistic look of the website; the turquoise and pink are used sparingly, mainly for call-to-action buttons.

The typography also looks minimalistic; the sans serif font F37 Ginger uses simple geometric shapes. The font is only used in two shades of turquoise, but varies a lot in size to indicate hierarchy.

On the website ia lot of rectangles and lines are used to group and organize certain information. This also contributes to the minimalistic appearance of the website.

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