Designed by: Verve by Vruchtvlees

The ANP is the largest news agency in the Netherlands. The news agency has been providing independent news to almost all Dutch media since 1934.

The website of the ANP makes a modern impression. This is achieved in the first place through the use of color. Royal blue is combined with light blue, gray, white and bright yellow. The yellow is mainly used as an accent color, but entire areas are also filled in with this striking color.

The typography also contributes to the modern look of the website. The header at the top, where a recent event is highlighted, uses an animation. A circle appears from the dot in front of the logo, turning almost the entire screen blue.

A little more subtle, the illustrations are also animated. The illustrations use the same colors as used on the website.

The typography is also modern. For titles, the brutalist-looking typeface Rois is used, for the body text the sans serif Basis Grotesque.

All in all, the ANP website is very well put together. The design stands out, in a good way, uses recognizable branding and the navigation is well put together.

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