Unknown designer

BridgeFund connects entrepreneurs who need money with investors who want to invest their money.

The website uses large typography and colorful photos. On the homepage, the text in beige is put over a large photo.

This beige color is reflected in the color palette of the website. In addition to green and purple, a lot of white and dark blue is used. White and beige are mainly used as background colours, the text is dark blue and purple and green serve as call-to-action colours.

The round shapes from the logo are repeated all over the website. For example, all buttons have rounded corners, and many images have the same shape as the two elements in the logo.

The typography stands out. A thick, modern font (Radial) is combined with the sans serif font Inter. Due to different sizes and thicknesses, the text indicates a clear hierarchy. Here and there the colors purple and green are used in the text as an accent color.

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