Too Good To Go

Unknown designer

Too Good To Go sells leftover products from retailers and restaurants to consumers. They do this through their app, where the products can be offered and sold.

The Too Good To Go website has a minimalistic look. This is achieved by the color palette, combined with a lot of white space.

The beige, which is combined with turquoise, gives the website a calm and organic look. The turquoise stands for the sustainable character of the products that are not thrown away and goes well with the warm beige.

The bold headlines immediately attract attention because they are set in capitals. The Google Fonts font Poppins is combined with another font Open Sans. The latter font is a simple sans serif font that is pleasant to read. A clear hierarchy is indicated in the text by means of size, color and weight.

Some photography is used for illustration. These photos add the necessary color to the website. A nice detail are the hand-drawn illustrations that are combined with the photography.

Blokken tekst met illustraties Afbeelding met tekst ernaast Call-to-action blok