Unknown designer

Coverstories helps organizations to tell stories through advertisements and webpages on mobile.

The website looks very minimalistic. Typography plays an important role in this. One font (Basic) is used in different sizes and thicknesses, in combination with more than enough white space.

The use of color also contributes to the minimalist look. Very dark purple is combined with a lot of white and a brighter shade of purple. This purple is mainly used as a call-to-action color; the button to request an account stands out.

Coverstories shows their app and the stories with beautiful visuals. Mock-ups are used to see the app in context. 3D images are alternated with flat screenshots. These draw even more attention because they are animated.

At the bottom of the website, the registration form stands out because of the bright purple background color. With this, this one-page website focuses well on their call-to-action.

Inschrijfformulier UX-design