Designed by: Lama Lama

Juicebrothers sell juices and subscriptions. They also own shops in Amsterdam, New York and Memphis.

The website looks very modern. This is partly due to the bright colors, lots of white space, photography and animations.

Juicebrothers combines orange, white with light gray. Light blue, dark green and bright yellow are also used. These colors are very striking, but somehow combine well.

The content is divided into blocks. These always have a different background color and plenty white space. From time to time colorful photos are placed on the blocks, which provides extra depth. A subtle parallax effect also contributes to this.

The typography looks modern. Different versions of Maison Neue are used. By varying the font in size and thickness, a clear hierarchy is indicated. Occasionally, life-size letters scroll across the entire width of the screen. This makes the website a lot more dynamic and contributes to the modern look of the website.

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