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Websites with beautiful color palettes

September 01, 2019

In this article a number of examples of websites with beautiful color palettes that fit together perfectly.

A good designer takes into account colors that match and the feelings and appearance that colors have. In this article a number of examples of websites that have perfectly applied this knowledge when choosing color palettes.

Munk Pack

Munk Pack

Munk Pack goes for a natural look and uses brown, turquoise combined with a lot of white and a faded purple.




The DUNCKELFELD website combines a bright shade of orange with dark sea green. White is a welcome change.

Aurberge Handfield

Auberge Handfield

This website for a Candese inn combines different shades of blue in one monochrome color palette.



Kaktus combines bright yellow with dark green, white and black. The hand-drawn illustrations and the font add to the cartoony style of the website.

Local Mineral water

Local Mineral Water

Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. (a mouth full) uses soft pastel colors on its website.

Solar Weekend

Solar Weekend

The Solar Weekend website combines coral red with turquoise, lots of white and a soft orange. These fresh colors give the website a summer look.

As you can see the colors largely determine the appearance of a website. For a stronger effect, choose typography, illustrations or photos that match the mood that you want to project.