Minimalist Portfolio Websites: 6 Examples

Minimalist Portfolio Websites: 6 Examples

March 14, 2020

In this article we feature some of the best examples of minimal portfolio websites of the internet.

Stripping down a design to it's essential basics is one of the hardest things to master. In this showcase we will show you great examples of minimalist portfolio website for your inspiration.

1. Perky Bros

Minimalist Website

Perky Bros LLC is a small design agency, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Their website uses a minimal color palette of white and blue, combined with plenty of white space and a lot of colorful imagery.

The asymmetrical grid and the top notch typography add to the minimalist look.

2. Baptiste Briel

Black Portfolio Website

The portfolio website of Baptiste Briel uses a dark background color, giving his website a mysterious look. The black is combined with white letters and a video that plays in the background.

The typography is crafted carefully and features a clear hiearchy.

3. Jason James

Clean Portfolio Website

Jason James uses powerful imagery to show his work. The colorful images have plenty of white space around them, allowing them to breathe.

A classic serif font is combined with a modern, sans serif one for a clean look.

The desaturated color pallete of the website adds to the minimalist look.

4. Foundry

Minimal Portfolio Website

Foundry is an agency that specialises in strategy and design, located in Minneapolis, the USA.

Their website shows that a minimalist website doesn't need to be black or white, but can also feature color. Their color pallette consist of petrol blue, coral red, white and light blue.

A lot of white space and a modern font are the icing on the cake.

5. Patrick David

Minimalist Brutalist Portfolio Website

Patrick David is a Developer, UX/UI Designer and freelancer based in Italy.

The tagline of his website 'The minimum is my religion' is very fitting as his portfolio website looks pretty minimalist.

Patrick uses a simple black and white color palette and combines this with brutalist design elements, like an outline font and hover effects

6. Florian Wacker

Minimalist Portfolio Website Typography

Florian Wacker is a writer eand developer, currently living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

His portfolio features beautiful typography, paired with plenty of white space. The simple black and white color palette adds to the minimalist look.

Minimalism as a design style

Minimalism emphasizes simplicity and the removal of unnecessary elements, so that simple colors and shapes remain. This trend can be found in visual art, graphic design, music and of course also in web design.

The advantages of a simple, minimalist design is that it is easy to convert to a responsive website and has a faster loading time. But also the reducing congnitive load on the visitor helps to make the content easier to understand.

Portfolio websites

As a designer a portfolio website is perfect for showcasing work. A simple and obvious way is to show images of the created work, but of course work can also be placed in the form of videos. Textual captions can also be added to provide background information or context to the assignment.

Want to see more examples? Take a look at our list of portfolio websites or other minimalistic websites.