Geometric Shapes in Web Design; 6 Examples

Geometric Shapes in Web Design; 6 Examples

February 25, 2020

In this article examples of websites using geometric shapes as part of their design. These websites use the shapes to perfectly support the feeling they evoke.

In an earlier article we showed what the meaning of shapes have and how you can use them to strengthen your design. In this article we show you a couple examples of how websites use these shapes effectively to support their design.

Geometric shapes

As you may remember from our previous article about the meaning of shapes, geometric shapes are often symmetrical and consist of simple planes and lines. You can often create geometric shapes yourself with a caliper and ruler. They look simple, but there is a symbolic meaning behind them.

In our article on design trends of 2020, we already indicated that geometric shapes are being used more and more often. In this article six examples of websites that know how to use triangles, rectangles and circles perfectly.

We Love Noise

Vormen webdesign

We Love Noise uses a number of abstract and geometric shapes, like triangles, circles and rectangles.

By using all these forms together, the website gets an almost chaotic look. The black and white color palette gives a universal look to the different shapes.

Hike One

Driehoeken webdesign

Hike One uses triangles in different colors and sizes. The website also uses a grid in which rectangles are placed. Some of these rectangle blocks overlap, creating the illusion of depth. This effect is strengthened by the usage of shadows.

The buttons on the website of Hike One have rounded corners, making them look more 'friendly'. By giving these buttons enough whitespace, it's clear that they are clickable and also the red color makes these buttons stand out more.


Cirkels webdesign

Mosne uses circles in different colors to present their work. These circles are animated on hover, indicating that they are clickable.

Apart from these circle Mosne also uses rectangles for buttons and these shapes are also used in the logo of the website, providing a stark contrast with the round elements.

This contrast creates a dynamic look and make the website look less predictable.

People & Machines

Shapes meaning

People & Machines uses rectangles and a black and white color palette, creating a very minimal website.

Besides the minimal color palette and only using the rectangle as shapes, the typography also adds to the minimal look. Only one single font is used over the website. Using only capitals continues the minimalist design.


Cirkels in webdesign

Also KIKK uses a lot of circles. The website looks busy, the handwritten letters and the background resembling an old map add to this feeling.

The use of asymmetry also contributes to the look of the website.

Using Geometric Shapes on Your Website

As you have seen in this article, shapes play an important role in the how your website comes across.

You can enhance this effect with colors, typography and imagery. By carefully selecting all these elements, your website will get exactly the atmosphere you want.

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