Design Trends for 2020; What You Will See in the New Year

Design Trends for 2020; What You Will See in the New Year

January 19, 2020

The new year has started; this means we will look to whatever is coming up next. In this article the most popular design trends for 2020.

The world of web design never stands still. New technologies come and go. In this article we look at trends that we are seeing more and more recently and that we expect to see even more often in 2020.

We predicted that minimalism, illustrations and grid layouts would be the new design trends of 2019. This year we expect other developments to become popular. Are you reading along?


Classic Serif Fonts

Typgrafie; serif lettertypes

This year we see more and more classic serif fonts. These were originally designed for printed media, but lately we have seen them appearing in digital products as well.

The letters with serifs are often used for large titles to grab the attention of the reader. For long texts sans serif fonts remains favorite, ensuring that they are easily legible.

Want to see examples of serif fonts on websites? View our list of typographic websites

Immersive Animations

Webdesign trend: Animaties

Animations don't have to annoying or loud, but can also add value to a website. Especially animations that add something to the user experience have recently become more popular.

Whether the animations are used for transitions, as a trigger or to send feedback to the user, if used properly, animations can make a positive contribution to the user experience.

We therefore think that we will see more animations in 2020. Can't wait yet? Then check our list of websites with animations.

3D Graphics

Design trend; 3D

3D is the new flat. Flat design has gained popularity in the last decade, but more recently we have seen 3D graphics making a comeback.

No black drop shadows or 3D text effects like in the 90s, but 3d models, which are combined with clean typography, bright colors and lots of whitespace.

View more examples in our list of 3D websites.

Geometric Shapes

Design trend; geometrische vormen

Shapes are the base of graphic design and websites, of course you read this earlier in our article about the meaning of shapes. Squares, circles and also triangles can be found everywhere.

Sharp corners and clean lines have always been used in web design, but in the coming year we will mainly see the geometric variants. This in contrast to organic, natural forms.

These geometric shapes fit well with the brutalist design trend that have become popular lately.

Dark Night Mode

Jonathan de Jong

Apple and Android started it and currently we see it more and more often on websites; white text on dark backgrounds.

It is good for the environment (because black consumes less electricity) and is more pleasant to read (especially in the evening). Black and white just also looks classy.

The dark night mode will only really begin to rise in 2020. Want to find some inspiration? Check our black and white or completely black websites.

Web design trends summed up

In this article we have discussed trends for the new year. We predict that the web design trends for 2020 are:

  • Serif Fonts
  • Animations
  • 3D Graphics
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Dark Mode

Do you use the latest trends in your design? Or do you prefer something more timeless? In any case we are extremely curious as to whether our predictions for 2020 will come true.