6 Design Trends for 2019

6 Design Trends for 2019

August 18, 2019

Are your designs still up to date? In this article a couple design trends for 2019

The internet has been through a huge growth in recent years, from responsive websites to flat design.

Meanwhile, it is April 2019. We have seen a number of web design trends that we expect to leave a lasting impression.

Spoiler alert; minimalism and clean typography continue to be popular. As a counterpart, we now have bright colors and handmade illustrations.


Webdesign trend: minimalisme

Minimalism has never been out of fashion. Minimalist and clean design is still popular in 2019. With as little distraction as possible and the focus on content (whether these are videos, images or text).

A beautiful website requires little more than a suitable typography, a beautiful color palette and a handful of whitespace.

Webdesign trend: minimalisme #2

A very minimalistic intro screen from Outline

Webdesign trend: minimalisme #3

The elements of this page can be counted on the fingers of one hand

Modern Typography

Webdesign trend: typografie #2

Speaking of typography: modern websites often use huge sizes for lettering. This trend goes hand in hand with the minimalist trend of recent years. A minimal amount of visual elements so that the focus is on these big words.

Typography is happy to take the lead. Large companies such as Airbnb, Apple and IBM even design their own fonts that create a unique appearance.

Webdesign trend: typografie

Letters in a gigantic size

Webdesign trend: typografie #3

Text with an outline is a typographic trend we keep on spotting

Vivid Color Palettes

Webdesign trend: knallende kleuren

Bright purple, yellow or pastel green; 2019 is all about standing out. Colors are used to stand out among the hundreds of websites.

In 2019 we see more and more odd color combinations that scream for attention. These color choices are always made consciously. Make sure that you are aware of the meaning of these colors when picking.

Webdesign trend: knallende kleuren #2

Popping colors on the website of Festa da Francofonia 2019


Webdesign trend: knallende kleuren #3

Faded colors also do well in 2019; in this example mustard yellow is combined with turquoise


Webdesign trend: grid

We will never love grids for a reason; a clear structure makes your designs easier to understand. Placing your content in different blocks creates a clear hierarchy from which the user will certainly benefit.

More recently we see more and more designers opting for asymmetry. Instead of predictable arrangements, the elements are placed in seemingly random spaces in blocks of different sizes. Behind this abritary design decisions is a grid guiding the elements in place.

Webdesign trend: grid #2

A lot of rectangles and squares on the Noodle.ai website

Webdesign trend: grid #3

The photos from BAM are placed in an asymmetrical grid, which gives the website an unpredictable appearance

Custom Illustrations

Webdesign trend: illustraties

Stock photos and illustrations are completely out of fashion. We have seen enough bright toothpaste smiles. With custom illustrations you can tell the story exactly the way you want without falling back on worn out clichés. Integrating these illustrations in your identity, contributes to the extra recognisability of your brand.

So whether you opt for illustrations that are as flat as a dime of 3D models, with handmade illustrations you set yourself apart.

Webdesign trend: illustraties #2

Hiptest uses abstract illustrations that consist of simple lines and geometric shapes

Webdesign trend: illustraties #3

The bright red from Gilk is combined with shades of blue and a grungy texture

Brutalist design

Brutalist webdesign

Brutalist design does not like traditional design rules. Clashing colors, old-fashioned monospace fonts, flickering GIFs and a 90s vibe come together in a design that screams for attention.

This design style does not appeal to everyone and not does not fit every band, but if you looking for extra attention, brutalist design is for you.

Brutalist webdesign #2

Popping colors and a blurry photo give an almost sloppy look on the WERDEN website

Brutalist webdesign #3

Capital letters in bright purple and an odd way of navigating on the We Have Trust Issues website

Are You Ready for 2019?

Do you apply these trends to your designs? Or do you not participate in this craziness and are you aiming for a timeless design? In our case we cannot wait until we see these trends pop up more often.